From: Rich Lentz KE0X

Dated July 26, 2003

Subject: RE: K2 Frequency Alignment




I use two methods.  Neither require a connection to the Xtal or even a loop
near it.

1. Wit the K2 set at 19,999.00 kHz and the audio going to the PC there is a
trace on the MixW waterfall.  If WWV is at the right strength, you tell that
the harmonic is there by switching to ant 2 (with no ant connected)
Sometimes  I need a short length on ant 2. And some times I even need to use
a short length of wire for the main ant 2.  Whatever gets then at the same
level.  You can see two traces if the frequency is way off (less than 1000
Hz) and eventually you can adjust the Xtal so that you hear and see the zero

2. I connect a short piece of coax from the ant 2 jack on the K2 to the ant
input on the other rig.  And do basically the same as above. Usually the
small amount of feed through the relay gives the other rig enough of a
signal from WWV. (When WWV is strong I use a short wire in the K2 ant 1) On
the 706 the 20 MHz signal is less than 2 Hz off! I can see the signal from
the K2 disappear when I shut off the K2, or move when I adjust C22.
Likewise, I can see the signal from WWV disappear when I disconnect the ant
from the K2.

Neither of these methods should in any way load or pull the Xtal. And as I
said both give me a signal that is very  close to a zero beat. It very
slowly fades up and down in volume at about a 2 to 3 second period, hence
less than 1/2 to 1/3 of a cycle off. I can't get it any better and don't
think many others could other than by pure luck.  Primarily because of
affects you described, etc.