From: Ron DíEau Claire

Dated: July 26, 2003

Subject: RE: K2 Frequency Alignment




The way I get plenty of 4 MHz signal without loading the oscillator for the purpose of zero beating with WWV at 20 MHz is to connect a test probe in parallel with the antenna at the K2 antenna.  I touch the tip of the probe to the metal CASE of the 4 MHz xtal.  The case is, of course, at ground for DC and very nearly so for RF, but there is plenty of leakage to drive lots of 4 MHz signal into the K2 receiver.  Indeed, when the 20 MHz signal is strong, the test lead picks up plenty of WWV signal too.


My problem lately with the whole procedure is that itís been a long time since I heard WWV on 20 MHz here in N.W. Oregon.  I read that they are working on a reduced schedule on 20 and 25 MHz and wondered if they are off the air.  Are others hearing the 20 MHz signal?  The lower frequency signals are a reliable as ever, of course.



K2 # 1289